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30-Minute TT Bootcamp for You
I just created a new TT Bootcamp workout for you called:
"The TT 30-Minute Bootcamp 2K10"

25 Bodyweight Exercise Idas for Bootcamps
When doing bootcamp workouts, you have to have a LOT of variety, or else your campers will get bored and another "bright shiny fitness object" like Zumba or spinning will grab their attention and they'll be gone from your classes for good..

5 Best Fitness Bootcamp Workout Methods
The key to a great fitness boot camp workout is to “bring the energy”.

5 Bootcamp Secrets to Get More Fat Burning Results for Your Clients
I was just reviewing a big file of all the new exercise, diet, and research proven fat burning tips I wrote down for 2009, and I wanted to share 5 BIGGIES that can help your clients get more results AND make your awesome workers even awesome-r..

Abs 300 Workout for Your Clients
The other night I finished up filming on my TT for Abs DVD’s, and one of the programs we did was the “TT Abs 300? workouts.

Do You Make This Huge Mistake With Your Fitness Bootcamps Workouts?
Let’s talk about the 2nd biggest mistake in most bootcamp workouts that drives me freaking insane.