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Attention: If are you looking for fat burning bodyweight bootcamp workouts that require absolutely, positively NO equipment, then read on to discover how you can get over 7 months worth of proven fat loss Turbulence Training BODYWEIGHT-ONLY programs…

Who Else Wants to Make $125, $175, $220, or More Per Hour Using “Done-For-You” Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts – Without Spending a Single Penny on Exercise Equipment?

Discover the “NO-equipment necessary” bootcamp style workouts of the world’s most popular home workout program, Turbulence Training, and you’ll be on your way to making over $100 dollars per hour running bootcamps with almost NO expenses!

Dear Turbulence Training Friend,

In case you’ve been living in a cave, the economy sucks right now.

But there are some industries where things are just getting better and BETTER!

In fact, Entrepreneur magazine ranked fitness as one of the hottest industries for 2009.

And I’d say it’s almost RECESSION-PROOF!

Plus, within the fitness industry, bootcamps are becoming the most popular and profitable way to make a living.

Six Pack Abs Sculpted with
Turbulence Training for Fat Loss
If you don’t already know me and my dog Bally, my name is Craig Ballantyne and my Turbulence Training programs have literally helped millions of men and women lose 10, 20, 30 and even 41 pounds in just 8 weeks.(That’s Bally the Dog in the photo below, and yes, his Vet really did say, “wow, your dog has six pack abs” at his annual check-up last year.)

Over the past 18 years – since I was just 14 years old – I’ve been studying fat loss, exercise, and advanced workout strategies every hour of my work day.

From reading bodybuilding magazines as a teenager to studying scientific journals, I’ve looked high and low for every possible bodyweight exercise and fat burning tip.


Discover How I Stumbled Across the Money-Making Potential of NO-Equipment Bootcamp Workouts in a Stinky Gymnasium on the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” in Downtown Toronto…

In 2003 at the height of my personal training client days, I was only getting about 4.5 hours sleep.            

Each night I’d hit the sack around midnight after creating new programs for Men’s Health magazine and for my personal clients, and then I’d be back up at 4:30am to write articles for my website and newsletters (and answer client emails) for 30 minutes.

At 5:21am (on the dot!), I’d sprint down the street to catch the bus downtown (and let me tell you, I do NOT miss riding the bus at 5:45 in the morning!).

I’d train clients from 6-12, take a lunch break and do my own workout, and get back to clients from 2-5.

After dinner, I’d walk through a questionable neighborhood in Toronto’s West End where I ran bootcamps in an old Community Center.

Most nights my energy was dragging – to say the least – at about 6pm, but as soon as I got to the bootcamp classes it went back through the roof again. Training folks in a group is some of the most fun you can have at work.  

Some nights I’d train 15-20 people working hard and having fun in the bootcamp. I even started doing a few afternoons where I’d run smaller groups of 4-6 people just because it was so much darn FUN!

Bootcamp workouts are a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Here’s why…

I helped more people in that hour than I did all day. And I got paid even more to do that one hour than I did for all of my individual sessions. Plus, each person in that camp paid just a fraction of the price as the one-on-one clients who trained at the swanky studio downtown.

The campers WIN

Your income WINS

Your family/hobbies/personal life WINS

And you all have a blast and they get more results because of the social support.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about every personal trainer’s WORST NIGHTMARE – “no show” clients.

For many trainers, if a client doesn’t show up, they don’t get paid for that hour. Time is wasted. Money is lost. But not with bootcamps, and that’s just another reason why…

Bootcamps are the best way to be earning a living as a trainer these days.

That’s why I went back and went through all of my old bootcamp workouts from back in the day, fixed them up based on some new science and exercises I’ve discovered, and created…

The perfect Done-For-You Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout Program that do NOT require any equipment (after all, I couldn’t afford any equipment back then, and neither could the old community center where we trained).

We didn’t use any then, and we don’t need no stinkin’ equipment now!

But do you have to be a trainer to use these workouts?

Absolutely not!

These NO-equipment workouts are perfect if you are just looking for bodyweight workout programs you can do at home, in a hotel room, at the beach, or while at a playground, this is the ULTIMATE No-Equipment Bodyweight Workout resource I’ve ever put together.

I call these bootcamp workouts, “Desert Island Fat Loss” because you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere, like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”, and you could still do all 21 of these workouts from start to finish with no substitutions!

I guarantee that you will love these workouts even if you are not a trainer and have no interest in bootcamps…because you can do these anywhere, anytime to lose fat and get lean WITHOUT equipment.

Pure fat burning gold.

And here’s the best news of all…

If you ARE a trainer, I guarantee you that you’ll be able to make over $100 per hour with no additional overhead or expenses using these workouts and running FUN and PROFITABLE bootcamps with these workouts.

Get the Best Fat Loss Workout System Working for You in Your Bootcamps!

"Turbulence Training is one of the single most effective fat loss systems on the market today. If you train ANYONE who is short of time and is even remotely interested in fat loss - then you NEED to be studying Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training."
Alwyn Cosgrove, Men’s Health Magazine Training Advisor

Use the Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts as Your Done-For-You Blueprint to More Clients and More Money – All While Becoming the Local Celebrity Trainer!

"Craig's advice has been invaluable to me! His Turbulence Training has been the blueprint for all of my semi-private and Boot Camp training programs. I am now treated like a local celebrity by my clients following their transformations plus I get referrals from local chiropractors because their clients are getting fast, effective and long-lasting results. In addition to this having followed his marketing strategies, I have started 2 new corporate Boot Camps which will earn me an extra £180 (US$270) per week. If you are serious about your fitness business and want to provide your clients with great results in record time then you need to invest in his system.”
Andy Wallis,
WorkoutSMARTER.com, Isle of Man

Get Turbulence Training for an Endless Variety of Workouts

“I have invested large amounts into my business, equipment, and programming. Quite often the exercise programs that I invest in are disappointing because of the lack of quality information or workouts, or it is already something I use in my programming. I am amazed at the variety of your programs and I use the TT approach with 90% of my clients. Thanks for the great workouts!”
Beverly Ivey, NSCA-CPT
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
B-Fit Personal Training

“Hey Craig, first I want to say thanks for your tireless attention whenever I email a question about anything. There is always a quick response. Secondly: I LOVE the work outs you develop. It saves me so much time as a trainer. I simply open my Turbulence Training folder and can quickly find a program that is safe and effective. They feel they got their money’s worth after a session. Thanks for all you do for us trainers Craig.”  
Diane Holden-- Certified Personal Trainer
National Strength and Conditioning Association
Pocatello, Idaho

Turbulence Training is REQUIRED READING for Top Fitness Organizations

“All of your Turbulence Training materials are required reading for all International Fitness Academy's trainers. I have spent a great deal of time studying your research and training programs and find them to be precise, accurate and effective. Our clients have truly benefited from the application of your training guidelines. We are most impressed with the research you have put into designing Turbulence Training which has resulted in the finest fat loss training product on the market.”
Lanny Schaffer, MS, Exercise Physiologist, and Dr. Ira M Silverman, MD
The International Fitness Academy, Topeka, Kansas

Who Else Wants to Work As Little As 2-3 Hours Per Day and Still Make a Full Time Income…Even During a Recession?

The fitness industry is expanding even during a recession, and so can your bootcamp business (just listen to 6-figure bootcamp trainer Steve Hochman's 7 ways to make more money with free bootcamp marketing when you grab your copy of the Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout Programs).

And here’s why…

We need health and fitness more than ever these days, from reducing stress to helping us stay in shape so that we can do a great job at work – and like it or not, because folks who are in shape DO get preferential priority over folks who are out of shape. Hey, no one said life was fair…

That’s why men and women everywhere are flocking to economical bootcamps where trainers are able to work with large groups of clients and make more money than they could in traditional one-on-one training.

And I love the “EVERYONE wins with Bootcamps” philosophy. Your clients pay less while getting more results (thanks to the social support aspect of bootcamps), and they have more fun, refer more friends, and stick around longer than the one-on-one client paying $65 or more per hour for individual training.

Plus, you’ll make more money in less time with bootcamps and end up with more free time to spend recovering from your training sessions, hanging with your family, and enjoying your hobbies again!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Bootcamps are a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for today’s economy and your busy lifestyle!

Discover How to Build a 6-Figure Bootcamp in Only 60-Days Using the Simple Secrets of One of America's Top Bootcamp Trainers - You'll Be SHOCKED By How Easy It Is to Make More Money in Less Training Time Than Ever Before

Simply enter your name and email address below and I will immediately send you a FREE copy of the report and MP3 audio interview

You will also receive a FREE updates on other bootcamp marketing secrets to help you make more money by working less while helping more people lose fat and achieve their goals.

All of this incredible information is yours FREE just for visiting my website.


In fact, a few of my friends work as little as 2-3 hours per day and net over $10,517 per month with their 10-15 hour work week. One guy only runs bootcamps from 5pm to 8pm, trains 3 groups (and even works out with one of them!), and that’s it! How sweet is that?

And if you don’t like working evenings because you want to be at home with your family or at your kid’s soccer games, you can easily run a couple of bootcamps in the morning and have that be your entire workday!

One of my TT clients in Vancouver runs 2 bootcamps first thing in the morning and is done work by 9am! Talk about beating the old “9-5 plus a commute for an hourly wage”!

Bootcamps are the perfect recession-beating, easy-to-create side income. With the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs, all you need is an empty space with a soft surface (such as a soccer field, baseball diamond, or basketball court in a community center) and you can train groups of 10 to 20 people WITHOUT any equipment.

That gives you a virtually ZERO OVERHEAD business and an ALL-PROFIT take-home pay.

But here’s the bad news for personal trainers that “resist” the Bootcamp revolution…

The “MIDDLE CLASS” Personal Training Industry Is DYING Faster than the Auto Industry

Just like the auto industry, the middle class trainer is being squeezed out of existence. For too long we’ve relied on a good economy and easy-come clients to build up our daily schedule of one-on-one training clients.

But that is a FLAWED business model.

And even though it’s not your fault (after all, weren’t you trained by the entire certification industry to focus on one-to-one training?), you CAN escape this dying industry and build yourself a long-lasting career in health and fitness based on the solid-as-rock foundation of Bootcamps.

If you want to make money while helping people lose fat, get healthy, and completely transform their bodies, minds, and lives, then you MUST get started running bootcamps today.

You were BORN for this. With your passion, love of health and fitness, and unstoppable ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY, you are a natural for Bootcamps.

And the only personal trainers and folks in the health and fitness industry that are going to survive this economic downturn (and sorry Mr. President, but things are NOT getting better anytime soon) are the ones who adapt and evolve and embrace the WIN-WIN-WIN Bootcamp philosophy into their lives.

Sure your one-on-one training business “might” be able to survive if you are a celebrity trainer in Hollywood or if you work with the lucky few who still have jobs on Wall Street…

…but hey, do you live in Hollywood and Manhattan or do you live in the REAL WORLD? And heck, even in Hollywood there’s only so-many celebrities to go around.

On the other hand, the WIN-WIN-WIN Bootcamp philosophy works everywhere, from Madiscon, Wisconsin to Walla Walla, Washington.

Bootcamps work down under in Australia and even up here in the Great White North of Canada (we just do our bootcamps in Igloos, of course).

I know successful Bootcamp Trainers in England, South Africa, and even the Middle East! It is a worldwide revolution but you still have time to be one of the first to get in on the ground level in your area.

And…are you ready for this?

I’ve done ALL the work for you.

The future, and the answer to beating the recession, lies in the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Program.

With almost no investment, you can get started turning a profit IMMEDIATELY. This isn’t like Multi-Level Marketing where you have to recruit friends and family and pressure them to buy. And there’s no “cold-calling” for prospects.

In fact, running a Bootcamp the right way is the exact opposite. Once you get started, the Law Of Attraction (and a few good marketing tips) will bring a flood of clients to you who are looking for an economical and FUN way to lose fat.

It’s all about the energy and experience you create with the bootcamps you run, and I guarantee you’ve never seen Bootcamp Workouts like the ones you’ll get – Done-For-You and using NO equipment – in the Turbulence Training Bootcamp Programs.


If I haven’t convinced you that bootcamps are the way to go, then there’s nothing I can do. But why do you need the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs?

Because of something I’ve stumbled upon over the last 15 months…Let me ask you a simple question…

What Does Turbulence Training Have in Common with KFC, the Big Mac, and Coca-Cola?

Not much!

Now I’m sure that was your first reaction…but there is one extremely important common characteristic between these 4 cultural icons…

We ALL have a SECRET ingredient.

There are the 11 herbs and spices from the Colonel’s secret recipe. The Big Mac has two all beef patties and a secret special sauce. And Coca-Cola has an ingredient list so secret and classified that people regularly try to steal it.

And NO ONE else knows exactly how to create the world-famous, amazing transformation producing workouts of Turbulence Training.

From KFC to TT, we are often imitated but NEVER duplicated.

Day in and day out I review other trainer’s programs who are trying to copy the TT formula and create their own Turbulence Training workouts, but they’re simply missing my “secret ingredients” that go into every Turbulence Training workout I design.

In fact, in the last 15 months alone I’ve reviewed 117 workouts by trainers attempting to “re-create” the Turbulence Training workout system, and the results have been downright dangerous in some cases!

Heck, I even have a hard time trying to explain the “secret” of Turbulence Training to the most trusted members of my Inner Circle of trainers and nutritionists, and even they haven’t been able to put together a workout that I’d be willing to call my own.

That’s one of the main reasons I still refuse to do a Turbulence Training Certification Program.


That’s also why I’ve developed this new set of Done-For-You Bootcamp workouts to help you get started immediately!

Just take a look at how much time and money you’ll save this way instead of having to go through a Turbulence Training Certification that would require…

Flight to Toronto – At least $500 from most US cities (just imagine Australia!)

3-Day Turbulence Training Certification Class – $1995

4 nights Hotel Accommodation – At least $700

4 days of hotel, restaurant, and airport meals – At least $300

And then you’d still have to go home and create the workouts on your own!

…I’ve simply saved you hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars (at least $3495 by my calculations) and created the workouts for you.

All you need to do is print and play. It doesn’t even add 5 minutes to your workday. No longer do you have to spend 30-60 minutes each night trying to design a workout program at 11:30pm when you have to get up at 4:30am to train your first “one-on-one” client.

Instead, everything is DONE-FOR-YOU!

And You’ll Get These Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts for Pennies on the Dollar!

At just $97, the Turbulence Training “Done-For-You” Bootcamp Workouts give you a fun, proven workout system for fat loss results that you can give your clients without the need for fancy equipment that you need to lug around in your car.

If you’ve been carrying boxes of equipment to your workout, or WORSE, driving around town with hundreds of pounds of kettlebells in your car (just imagine the wear and tear that puts on your wheels!), you’ll be liberated by these new NO-equipment bootcamp workouts.

And if you still ask your clients to bring their own equipment, (SHEEESH, do you make them design their own workouts too?), they will love you for this new option of leaving everything at home and just showing up ready to go with NO equipment needed.

You can’t afford NOT to get these done-for-you bootcamp workouts.

And hey, if you don’t, your competition probably will get them.

That’s the last thing you need, is to be competing for clients against a bootcamp that has the best programs and MORE time to spend on marketing because they don’t have to stay up half the night creating workouts for their 6am classes!

In the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs, you’ll get…

1) 21 No-Equipment Needed Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts

These workouts have been outlined from start to finish, circuit by circuit, exercise by exercise, and water break by water break to allow any trainer of every ability to simply put 5, 10, 15 or even 20 clients or more through a fun, fast, safe and effective fat burning workout program.

I’ve personally used these workouts with over 27 clients at one time and at even just $10 per client, you’ll pay for your investment in this program in just ONE single session.

Plus, you don’t need to spend a single penny on equipment, so no matter what your financial situation, you can get started immediately (if you are a certified trainer with insurance, of course).

There couldn’t be a better way to create a profitable career in the health and fitness industry than by using the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs.

2) 5 Bonus Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout Templates for Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Stability Balls, and Dumbbells

If you are one of those lucky trainers who already have equipment, you’ll love these Turbulence Training style programs and workout templates that will allow you to use all of your fancy toys.

Don’t worry, I won’t let your investment in your equipment go to waste!

And if you don’t have equipment, you’ll soon be able to use the profits from your bootcamps to purchase whatever exercise equipment you’ve ever dreamed about, so that you can continue to create unique, high-energy experiences that keep on bringing back your raving fans again and again.

3) 7 More Ways to Build a 6-Figure Bootcamp in 6 Months!

Discover 7 more killer - and FREE - bootcamp marketing secrets from 6-figure bootcamp expert, Steve Hochman. He'll show you how to turn a tiny piece of plastic into over $8,300 per month in guaranteed bootcamp income...from only a couple hours of work per day!

You'll be amazed at how Steve turns regular "dead end" marketing attempts that most personal trainers fail with into big-money deals that will give you an almost endless flow of new clients and incredible referrals.

Turbulence Training OVER-DELIVERS on Results and Client Satisfaction!

"Turbulence Training is absolutely incredible. I've worked out for years and spent many dollars on personal trainers with very minimal results. TT is the only way to go. There really isn't even a close second!! I'm telling everybody who will listen about TT. There's so much junk out there that I love telling people when I find something that is really great. One of the things I say about you on my website is that you over-deliver. You over-deliver like nobody I've ever seen. Keep up the GREAT WORK."
Steve Tuggle, CPT

Expert Trainers Use Turbulence Training in Female Bootcamps & Transformation Programs

“Turbulence Training dials in like no other.  It is explosive, direct and most importantly effective!  I enjoy the program a ton, but my clients, especially the ladies, enjoy it more with their sexy new bodies in no time flat!  Turbulence has become a staple in my training style. Thanks Craig for producing the truth!  A legit program for making legit transformations, ya gotta love it!”
Kenny Johnson, CSCS, RKC
Kenetic Fitness, Atlanta, GA

Top Strength Coach Uses Turbulence Training Bodyweight Exercises With Elite Athletes

“Craig, just wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to you for putting out a butt-kicking training manual! I've been using these methods with my athletes and they're getting awesome results! We train in groups all the time so the bodyweight movements you show in the manual make it extremely effective to run top notch group programs with my athletes! When the weather gets warmer we'll be hitting a lot of these movements outdoors and at the local parks in addition to using them at my strength and conditioning camps! I highly recommend anyone who trains others or trains with minimal equipment to check out this bodyweight training manual. It is loaded with information to get you the results you want!”
Zach Even - Esh

Top California Fitness Expert & Radio Host Uses Turbulence Training in His Bootcamps and on His Own Body to Drop 7.3% Body Fat!

“Craig, my man! All I can say is...WOW! Having been a Turbulence Training member for about 2 years, Shannon and I already have high expectations from you because we know that your "standard" is to OVER DELIVER what is already some of the best in industry programming. Using your bodyweight program a year and a half ago I went from 19.8% body fat down to 12.5% getting ready for my wedding (@ 43 years old). Thanks to your programs I don't need to think and I am having fun. I am feeling great and tight and strongly functional. Thanks for designing programs that I can trust and use. As a Certified Master Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Biomechanics Specialist, and busy professionals running our own business, we appreciate your work.”
Rob Yontz, MFT, CFN
Shannon Yontz, CPT, CFN
True North Fitness & Health
Ventura County Adventure Boot Camps
Voice America Health & Wellness Radio Hosts (Get Fit Radio)

Still not sure? Let me remind you about…

The 3 Biggest Reasons You’re Getting These New Done-For-You Workout Programs for a “Steal”

Fact #1 – You’ll get an almost INSTANT return on your investment – take that Wall Street – because within days you’ll be able to fill bootcamps with 5-10 people at $10-15 thanks to these Done-For-You Workouts and BJ’s bootcamp filling tips.

Fact #2 – If I held a TT certification and taught you everything I know over the course of 3 intense days, you’d pay a minimum of $1995 for the certification.

Plus you’d still have to cover airfare to get to Toronto and another $500-$1000 for your hotel and meals just to learn the Turbulence Training system, and then you’d still have to go home and create dozens of workouts on your own.

But I’ve personally spent hundreds of hours creating these workouts plus hundreds of hours testing them in the field.

And even if you put a price of only $20 per hour on that time, you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars in order to create the same quality of workout as you’ll get given to you, on a silver platter, in the Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout Programs.

Fact #3 – So many trainers have invested hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the latest exercise gimmick equipment for their bootcamp only to find these toys to be more of a hassle than help.

You could easily spend over one thousand dollars on workout toys and still not have enough equipment for a bootcamp group of 15 people.

But with the revolutionary Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts, you get NO-equipment bodyweight exercise only bootcamp workouts that you can implement immediately to repay your investment after just one session, and start putting money in the bank in less than half a day!

Your clients will be more impressed when you whip them into shape with just bodyweight exercises than if you relied on gadgets and cumbersome equipment – or WORSE, if you made them bring their own!

I can’t believe some bootcamps make clients bring their own equipment…so you’ll have another competitive advantage by taking more stress off your clients and bootcampers. (And that’s why YOU will be the one getting REFERRALS!).

"It is my personal promise to you that if you don’t make your money back in just ONE simple Done-For-You Bootcamp workout, you can return the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Program for a full refund. I guarantee you’ll agree this is a true WIN-WIN-WIN situation for EVERYONE involved."

Try the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs For 8 Full Weeks With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

"Test drive" the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs for the next 8 weeks with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how much fat you can lose (if you use them personally) and how many people you can help and how much money you can make running no-hassle, no-overhead, NO-Equipment bootcamps in your area. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee on every Turbulence Training workout.

You will not only be satisfied, but I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with everything the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs have to offer, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then I INSIST that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many other trainers enrich their lives and make an amazing income in just hours a day with bootcamp workouts AND after seeing hundreds of men AND women transform their bodies while saving so time, money, and energy by using NO-equipment workouts, I'm totally confident that you're going to love these Done-For-You Bootcamp workouts too.

Craig's Customer Service Will Completely Satisfy You!

“I started working out again (after being lazy and I came across Turbulence Training. After a few months of reluctant hesitation, I got Turbulence Training. I say hesitation because spending money over the internet is always a risk when you do not know an individual (compared to a well known company) personally. All I can say is, I'm glad I finally made the purchase. I am completely satisfied with your product and your excellent customer service. Customer service seems to be a dying art these days and is the reason I am a repeat customer of yours. Keep up the hard work and try to remember how you are positively effecting many of us out here even though we have not met face to face. Thanks for everything.”

Matthew Murray

If you want to MAKE MORE money while investing LESS of your hard earned income in the latest fitness gadget, then you are going to love the ease and simplicity of the Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workouts.

PLUS this done-for-you workout and marketing system is going to save you hundreds of hours of time trying to figure out the best workouts for fast fat loss results and FUN sessions because everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – is Done-For-You.

There’s nothing I hate more than to see someone struggling, financially or physically, and that’s why I’ve created the perfect NO-equipment workout system for you to get started changing your body or making more money IMMEDIATELY.

You don’t need to go out and buy kettlebells, dumbbells, a bench, bands, or even an exercise ball. This is literally the absolute EASIEST exercise system to implement.

All you need to do is take action and download your Done-For-You Bootcamp Workouts today.

I want to thank you in advance for your order and I look forward to helping you make more money while saving money and time, and helping you and hundreds of your bootcamp clients burn fat and build a better body with absolutely NO EQUIPMENT necessary.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training for Fat Loss
Men's Health Magazine Fitness Expert
Oxygen Magazine Training Advisory Board

P.S.If you are unhappy with your business, income, or career and always wanted to help people reach their goals in health and fitness, then there is NO BETTER TIME than right now to get started with fitness bootcamps.

Bootcamps are about to explode as the hottest fitness trend in a rapidly growing industry despite the economic downturn. Bootcamps WORK in small towns, big cities, and even in rural areas, simply because of the WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy.

Your clients pay less, you make more, and everyone gets better results. Get started with your bootcamp success story today using the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs.

P.P.S.There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you to try the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs. Seriously, if you don’t make a positive return on your investment in 8 weeks (and really, you should be able to do this in 8 days), just let us know and we'll happily refund your order – and you can keep ALL of the bonuses. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

NOTE: The Turbulence Training Bodyweight Done-For-You Bootcamp Workout Programs is a downloadable e-book. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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